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Assfalg, the Ace for Metal


6 years ago, Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Ronald Assfalg and his wife Annette Assfalg were sitting at a negotiating table with a big steel constructor. We could never have dreamed to  be a supplier of a hightech rotation lifting beam.

….“Can you remember how we discussed all the technical details and how hard the sales negotiations were? We were faced to technical details and providing us with great challenge and above all, unfamiliar processes. Indeed,  we accepted the challenge. The following weeks have shown start difficulties, complications and weak points in the process chain. Truely, on several occasions the heart beat faster, impatience was arising and then you come back again and again with your stright schedule, which showed us the delivery date again and again that came closer and closer.“

Today we develop and manufacture ourselves our magnet heavy lifting systems in extended work-bench. Whether in standard- or as individual solutions, and supply our clients all over the world. Assfalg started in the 70´s with the magnet technology and has established itself as a qualified and modern manufacturer and dealer in the magnetic lifting- and clamping world.

……“By the way, we could manage the order with the rotational lifting beam and that was 2 days before delivery time - without any complaints!“

The company´s history started 1932 when the grandfather of  the present owner Ronald Assfalg and the great grandfather of the Junior Christian Assfalg, has established Assfalg business. He started with tools, which were highly demanded after the second world war. The tools and the tool machines were very widely spread in the metal working industry, so Assfalg included chamfering- and deburring machines in its programm. From now on Assfalg has developed, the Ace for metal, because  the technical requirements and the spezialisations of  the machines prevailed.

Nowadays as well the automatic chamfering machines with high performance for heavy and large-size workpieces, as the beveling machines for contours and straight edges, are in use all over the world. The range of  the mobile, stationary and handheld machines for deburring, beveling, rounding edges and for weld seaming preparation, covers all areas of application…

The knowledge increased by technical and organizational challenges in all areas, the cohesion at work and the inner trust to be able to solve problems in the team even if the doubts and adversities do not always fail. It is like driving to new shores.


Assfalg…………The ACE for Metal

Ronald, Annette, Christian and Caroline Assfalg and the complete Assfalg-Team


Assfalg exhibition movie 2013 (english)

Assfalg exhibition movie 2013 (german)

Assfalg EMO 2011

Management presentation - nortec 2009