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Chamfering Machine for Contours

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KKF 4 | KKF 4-SL - Chamfering Machine for Contours

Chamfering Machine for Contours

The spindle bearings mounted under pre-stress lend high-precision concentricity to the KKF 4. It can be used both full hard metal-form cutters and insert milling cutters, by means of which an excellent useful life is achieved.

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  • Big supporting table with parallel table movement for height setting of chamfer
  • Very good concentricity
  • Continuous operation
  • Tool change within a few seconds
  • T.c cutter with roller bearing Ø 6 mm and shark cutter with roller bearing Ø 16 mm
  • Precise chamfer adjustment by micrometer button
  • Chamfer angle can be changed due to contour cutter with different point angles
  • Fast tool change
  • Wide selection of cutters
  • Speed regulation
  • Hardened machine table with extraction socket

It must be particular pointed out the hardened and polished table top on top of the sturdy construction of the chamfering machine KKF 4. The precise chamfer adjustment takes place over a micrometer screw on the side of the contour chamfering machine and can be easily handled even by unskilled persons. The proved cutters offer a high tool lifetime and can be changed simple and time-efficient. A chatterfree and effortless milling is another advantage of the contour chamfering machine, which can be used not only for single operations but also in series.

Application Possibilities

  • Minimum workpiece thickness 1 mm
  • Can be used for steel, hardened steel, aluminium, brass, copper, plastic, from soft plastic to acrylic glass, wood and much more
  • Chamfering or rounding of external and internal contours

The Universal - Contour Chamfering Machine KKF 4 is the most recent innovation in the field of stationary chamfering machines. The unique of this contour chamfering machine is,that a large quantity of tools can be used. For the first time tungsten carbide cutters can be used with a diameter of 6,8,10 and 12mm and insert cutters with a shaft diameter of max.12 mm on a single chamfering machine. You must adapt the cutter to the required chamfer. Therefore, it is not necessary to use expensive tools to manage multiple work operations. Also the chamfering machine offers a higher performance and run-out accuracy as machines of the same sector.


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  • Mobile undercarriage with big rubber rollers
  • Prism attachment for straight edges
  • Ruler
  • Guide finger for the use of tapered contour cutters
  • Vacuum cleaner

The optional available undercarriage offers the chamfering machine KKF 4 a high degree of flexibility and mobility at your workplace. The also optional available cutter have a chamfer spectrum of 4mm x 45° on straight edges und radius chamfers from R0,5 – R3.

Delivery contents

  • Inbuilt vacuum extractor for tube Ø 32 mm or Ø 38 mm
  • Insert ring with borehole ø 30 mm
  • Collet ø 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm
  • Union nut
  • Operating instructions

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