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WKF 170

Chamfering Machine, angle adjustable

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WKF 170 - Chamfering Machine

Angle adjustable

The perfect machine for chamfering small to mid-size workpieces and bar material. Thanks to its angle adjustment from 15° – 60°, it is mainly used for weld seam preparation.

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  • Simple and fast angular adjustment
  • Consistent high surface quality
  • Automatic feed facilitates chamfering
  • Sharp-edged chamfering is possible, e.g. a 5mm x 45°chamfer can be applied to a 5 mm thick workpiece
  • Angular adjustment from 15° - 60° (set out every 5° possible)
  • Chamfer adjustment by micrometer button
  • Speed control for processing different materials
  • Uncomplicated tool change
  • Hardened and polished guide rails
  • Soft cutting pressure

The automatic feed of the beveling –and chamfering machine WKF 170 becomes to a true helper. The feed transports the workpieces with a continious pressure over the guide rail and enabels a clean and chatter-free bevel. The mobile undercarriage gives the angle adjustable chamfering machine WKF 170 mobility. The adjustable angles of 15 ° -30 ° -45 ° -60° show the great flexibility of the beveling machine WKF 170 and make it in the weld preparation to an indispensable companion.

Application Possibilities

  • Minimum workpiece thickness 1 mm
  • Can be used for steel, max. 1,000 N/mm², aluminum, brass, copper, plastics, from soft plastic to acrylic glass, wood and much more
  • Deburring workpieces up to weld seam preparation

You make in no time the preparation of weldseam with the angle adjustable beveling machine WKF 170. You don`t need teaching time and there is no risk of injury because a guidance is given. Any kind of materials are easily to process with the stepless chamfering machine WKF 170. The speed of the insert cutter of the chamfering machine WKF 170 can be setted higher or lower depending on the material.


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  • Mobile undercarriage with big rubber rollers and integrated swarf drawer
  • Lateral stop for processing the front side
  • Longitudinal stop for safe guidance of mass-produced parts
  • Automatic feed for single-part and series production and processing bar materials
  • Roller conveyors for extending the guide rails

Delivery contents

  • Torx key T 25
  • Plane cutter head with cutting inserts
  • Lever support on the left side for setting the chamfer angle
  • Operating instructions

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