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Magnaslot - FAQ

We answer the most important questions about our electropermanent magnet chuck MAGNASLOT.

1. What kind of workpieces can be clamped?

In particular, ferromagnetic (ferrous) workpieces can be clamped without distortion such as in milling, drilling, planing, turning, grinding, pressing, plastic injection, welding and fixing processes.

2. How can a maximum adhesive force be guaranteed?

Maximum adhesion force is guaranteed by a maximum of poles on the full steel surface (which is patented and only available from Assfalg) of the magnetic chuck. Not the size of the magnetic chuck is important, but the number and the size of the poles determine the magnetic clamping force and the price.

3. How do the poles of the magnetic chuck look like?

The magnetic poles are arranged in a square, like a chessboard.

4. Which clamping forces can be achieved with the magnetic chuck MAGNASLOT?

The adhesive force with square pole 50 is app. 350 kg / pole, the magnetic field penetrates 12 mm into the workpiece. The adhesive force with square pole 75 is app. 800 kg / pole, the magnetic field penetrates about 24 mm into the workpiece.

5. Are the workpiece or / and the magnetic chuck heated during operation?

No, there is no heating of the workpiece or / and the magnetic chuck, because the workpiece is only activated by a short current impulse from the controller and be clamped by a permanent magnetic force, without any more power supply and no connection to the controller.

6. How can you establish a connection between magnetic chuck and controller?

It is very easy, a special cable is used with a bayonet lock, which allows a quick connection between chuck and controller. After activation by a current impulse, the cable is removed. The machining of the workpiece is done without cables.

7. How is the highest possible safety guaranteed when working with this magnetic chuck?

In order to achieve extremely high, permanent adhesive forces, only one current impulse is necessary for clamping. Clamping is done without cables. Thereby, there is a current connection only during switching. Even in extreme cases, such as power failure or cable breaks, the workpiece keeps clamped due to extremely high permanent adhesion forces. There is no lost or reduction of the clamping force.

8. What happens if the workpieces are accidentally detached by incorrect operation?

Both, the two-button operation at the controller, as well as on the cable remote control, excludes this case.

9. How can damages be avoided by cooling water or hot chips?

The patented full steel body of the magnetic chuck, getting at Assfalg, has in its quality a maximum of protection against hot chips and coolant and ensures an optimum of heat dissipation.

10. What are the benefits of working with pole extensions?

Mobile pole extensions, they can be square or round, are mounted on the surface of the magnetic chuck. They enable a clamping without delay on uneven workpieces and raw parts. Relining the workpieces is not necessary anymore, because of the pole extensions.

11. Is it possible to regulate the adhesive force for thinner workpieces?

Yes, the standard magnetic clamping system MAGNASLOT has a magnetic adhesive force regulation, which may reduce the magnetic field for thinner workpieces and also reduce the penetration depth.

12. Is it possible to connect several magnetic chucks together to a magnetic chuck combination to clamp extralarge workpieces?

Individual magnetic chucks can be connected together by the multi-channel controller to a magnetic chuck combination. In such chuck combinations, single chucks can be activated.

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