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Magnaslot - Magnetic Chuck

The patented (EPM) electropermanent quadratic pole plate ***Patent-Nr. EP1874504*** is the perfect solution to clamp ferromagnetic materials reliably and energy-efficient on machine tools.

FAQ Magnaslot

The patent applies the "full steel surface" of this EPM magnetic chuck. Compared to conventional chucks with epoxy resin, our magnetic clamping chucks with a solid steel surface are more resistant against hot chips, coolants and other processing conditions. Through the use of pole extensions unevenness of the workpiece can be balanced and the deformation of the workpiece can be prevented.


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The Ace for Metal

Solutions and tools for stationary and
mobile metalworking.


  • All-around 5–side machining and distortion free clamping is possible in one clamp by means of pole extensions -> With given pole number the chuck can be covered with 3 x fixed and multiple mobile pole extensions for rough machining. If already machined side is clamped, then only fixed pole extensions may be advantageous
  • Set-up time is reduced to a minimum, hence an increase of productivity
  • Less vibrations for longer tool life and better process accuracy
  • Patented solid top resists best to hot chips and coolance and cares also for heat dissipation


MAGNASLOT EP-Magnetic chucks are used in mould-making, plant- as well as machine construction. ASSFALG offers a maximum in flexibility and short set-up times in serial-parts-machining as well as in single-piece-production.

Clamping takes place without vibration and distortion. This permanent magnetic chuck can be used for clamping of small and medium-sized workpieces.Workpieces are clamped from only one side and are thus accessible and machinable from the other -5- during a single clamp.

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With this magnetic chuck all-around 5–sided machining is possible in one clamp. In this way, set-up times are reduced to a minimum and productivity is increased. The machine runs and takes part in your company’s value creation process.

This protects your milling spindle as well as your tools, increases process accuracy and extends the tool life. The homogenous magnetic field of the MAGNASLOT guarantees low vibrate clamping of the work-piece. This protects your milling spindle as well as your tools and increases the tool-life.

Uneven work-pieces can be clamped easily with the aid of optional pole-extensions onto the EPM-chuck, without delay. MAGNASLOT magnetic-chucks have a patented solid steel surface which offers protection from damaging hot chips and cooling liquids. Workpieces are clamped in seconds.

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MAGNASLOT Application
MAGNASLOT Application


Electropermanent magnets combine both the electrical and the permanent magnet technology. The EPM Doublemag modules are permanent magnets, which are electrically switched on and off. Electro permanent magnets are characterized by a strong adhesive force that they do not lose in the event of power failure.

The electro permanent technology of the magnetic chuck with square-poles, guarantees highest possible safety, since only one current pulse is necessary for clamping,Holding the workpiece on the magnetic chuck is achieved through reverse polarising permanent magnets.

The workpiece is held with full clamping force by the MAGNASLOT EP-Magnetic chuck in case of an electricity failure or cable break. Accidental release of the work-piece, resultant of faulty operation, can be excluded due to the two-button-control, on the magnetic chuck and its controller.
ASSFALG solely sells magnetic chucks with a maximum of poles on the patented solid-steel surface of the magnetic chuck. Only this guarantees a maximum in clamping force.

In addition, manufacturing and process accuracy with plane parallelism of 0,02 mm and more can be achieved. With achieved clamping forces of 350 kg per square-pole 50x50 mm, a magnetic chuck with 400x600 mm in dimensions, reaches a clamping force of close to 17 tons.

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