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for precision grinding- and erosion works

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MICROFINE - Permanent magnetic chuck

The permanent magnetic chuck MICROFINE from Assfalg is especially suited to clamp small and thin workpieces for eroding and grinding works.

The MICROFINE is equipped with an extremely high adhesive force with a flat magnetic field. It has a low design height and is mechanically switchable.

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  • Design with low height, but high adhesive force
  • The contact surface can be machined up to 2mm and drilled up to max. 8 mm depth
  • Liquid-tight
  • Can be switched ON/OFF mechanically
  • Workpieces can be clamped stress-free and fast
  • 5-side processing, as only one side is magnetically clamped
  • Low magnetic penetration depth because of a flat magnetic field due to fine pole pitch – not very good for bridging air gaps
  • Adhesive force: 80 N/cm2 with pole pitch 1.5 + 0.5 mm


This extremely precise magnetic chuck is used for grinding and eroding jobs. It allows for universal clamping of small, middle and large work-pieces with all kinds of material thicknesses, yet it is best suited for thin resp. fine work-pieces.

The permanent magnetic chuck MICROFINE is used preferably for grinding, eroding or milling jobs where a flat and light construction is needed.

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The permanent magnetic chuck MICROFINE does not need any energy to activate. It has an adhesive Neodym magnetic system with a flat magnetic field.

The MICROFINE, from Assfalg, is an extremely inexpensive plate for precise grinding and eroding tasks. It is a stable, soldered pole plate even applicable in underwater eroding jobs.



Thanks to the flat magnetic field of the MICROFINE, a magnetisation of the machine spindle or work-piece does not occur.

A consistent adhesive force across the width to the long sides is guaranteed by a continuous, fine transverse pole pitch (steel/brass). The magnetic chuck is activated by a hexagon-lever.

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