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magnetic chuck on turn-
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ideal for clamping big,

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EPMradial - Round Magnetic Chuck

These Electropermanent Magnetic Chucks are ideal for clamping distortionfree big discs, rings or bearings for windmills. Even hardened rings can be finished best. Centric holes or through holes can be drilled.
All the advantages of fixed and mobile pole extensions of Magnaslot can be used, to reach best surface quality.

The Ace for Metal

Solutions and tools for stationary and
mobile metalworking.


  • Extremely short set-up times due to simple and fast clamping of workpieces
  • 5-side processing, as only one workpiece side is required for magnetic clamping
  • Distortion-free holding of raw part or uneven workpiece, because positive-locking clamping by means of fixed and mobile pole extension becomes possible (underlining of workpieces is not necessary any more!)
  • No damages to the magnetic chuck in case of breakouts, because the workpiece can be clamped raised to pole extensions
  • Slight adjustment of the magnetic adhesion power to thin workpieces or when aligning by means of the adhesion power regulation
  • Extremely high, permanent, magnetic adhesion power at activation within seconds
  • Through holes or surrounding clamping slots for fastening on machine table or device
  • Special cable with bayonet fixing or fixed cable with slip ring carrier enable a connection of magnetic chuck and controller


The electropermanent magnetic chuck EPMradial

The Electropermanent Magnet Chuck from ASSFALG is ideal for clamping big, rotationally-symmetrical workpieces (e.g. bearing ring processing,) from 400 mm diameter without distortion, particularly on lathes and discus grinding machines (hard processing).

The electropermanent magnetic chuck EPMradial shows an extreme chip removal in hard turning of small and large workpieces. This is only possible with great adhesion forces, as with the magnetic chuck EPMradial. For grinding highest precision is achieved.

If the magnetic chuck EPMradial is provided with T-slots, fixed and mobile pole extensions can be used. This is a precondition for 3-side machining. Thereby, the workpiece is clamped sublime can be machined without any damage of the magnetic chuck.

Special cable with bayonet fixing or fixed cable with slip ring carrier enable a fast and easy connection of magnetic chuck and controller. With through-holes, this magnetic chuck can be mounted on the machine table or the device.

Alternative application option for the round magnetic chuck EPMradial

4x magnetic chucks Magnaslot in composite on a turntable

4x magnetic chucks Magnaslot in composite on a turntable

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The magnetic chuck EPMradial allows rapid clamping. By using fixed or mobile pole extensions, a form-fitting and distortion-free clamping of raw parts and uneven workpieces is possible. Therefore, the time-consuming underlining of workpieces is dispensed.

Thereby, set-up times and -costs are reduced and productivity is increased. By holding force control the magnetic holding force can be adapted to thin workpieces. Optionally, the electropermanent magnetic chuck Radialpol can be also delivered with T-slots, so that additional stops or pole extension can be fixed.



The electropermanent magnet chuck EPMradial is a massive executed pole plate with an equally strong magnetic field.

The electropermanent magnetic chuck technology guarantees the highest possible safety, only one current pulse is necessary for clamping. Holding the workpiece on the magnetic clamping plate takes place with re-poled permanent magnets. The high and lasting adhesion forces remain even during a power failure. Thus, this special magnetic chuck lays all foundations for operational safety, ease of use and precision.

Activating and deactivating (magnetizing and demagnetizing) takes place by a short current pulse within seconds by the controller. During the machining operation, the power supply is interrupted, and therefore heat development is excluded. Thus no deformations occur due to temperature variations.

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