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universally suitable
for rotationally-symmetrical workpieces

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Neostar - Round Magnetic Chucks

The permanent magnetic chuck Neostar of Assfalg is a permanent round magnet with neodymium magnet system and radial pole pitch. It is manually switched.

It is universally suitable for rotationally-symmetrical, ferromagnetic workpieces, especially for rings and discs from approx. 80 mm diameter. A drilled hole in the center can be made.

The Ace for Metal

Solutions and tools for stationary and
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  • Liquid-tight
  • Can be switched ON/OFF mechanically
  • The center is not magnetic and can be drilled through up to the dia. “C”
  • Workpieces can be clamped stress-free and fast
  • All-around processing as only one side is clamped magnetically
  • High power and flat magnetic field (penetrates max. 10mm into workpiece)
  • Adhesive force: up to 140 N/cm2


This magnetic chuck Neostar is universally applicable, especially for

  • internal cylindrical grinding
  • turning
  • hard turning.

The uniform radial pole pitch provides specially when processing difficult to retaining rings, discs and sleeves significant advantages over magnetic chucks with parallel pole pitch.

In particular when large diameter, the radial pole pitch has a higher stability and rigidity.

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The permanent magnetic chuck Neostar has a medium design height with a very high adhesive force. It is mainly used for clamping hard to retaining rings and discs.

The Neostar round chuck is specially designed for hard turning and can be operated at high rotation speeds. The magnetic force can be regulated in a stepless manner.

Workpieces can easily be aligned by centering grooves. Since only one side is clamped magnetically, all-around processing is possible.

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Due to the radial pole, a homogeneous magnetic field arises especially when clamping rings. Since the magnetic field is flat, the magnetic force penetrates only about 10 mm. 

The adhesive force is 140 N / cm². Moreover, it is liquid-tight and can be mechanically switched on and off. In particular when large diameter, the radial pole pitch offers a higher stability and rigidity.

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