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without connection to the power supply
powered by rechargable battery

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Flat material up to 10.000 kg

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Round material up to 2.300 kg

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EPM-B - Electropermanent Battery Lifting Magnet

In the development of magnetic lifters the Electropermanent Battery Lifting Magnet EPM-B from ASSFALG represents the top of the magnetic lifting technology. They combine the advantages of the Permanent Lifting Magnets and the Electro Lifting Magnets.

Electric impulses can switch the Electropermanent Battery Lifting Magnets within seconds. This can be done automatically or manually by pressing a button. While transporting the load no electrical power flows and yet the workpiece is clamped as safe as with a permanent lifting magnet.

The electropermenent battery magnetic lifter EPM-B can be used both in individual operation and several magnetic lifters on traveres. Therefore the EPM-B magnetic lifters show an interesting alternative for the 3-shift operation. By the inching function the EPM-B magnetic lifter can separately lift already 4 mm thick sheets from a heap.

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The Ace for Metal

Solutions and tools for stationary and
mobile metalworking.


  • It can be selected between manual button operation or automatic operation
  • Max. operation temperature 80°C
  • Optical and acoustic alarm device with battery charge level indicator
  • Magnet is connected to the power supply to charge the accumulators, recharge time approx. 8h, operation time approx. 300 operation cycles
  • Replaceable, durable gel battery accumulators


For the application on the crane, the Electropermanent Battery Lifting Magnet EPM-B is optimized for all lifting operations for flat and round materials with single EPM-B battery lifting magnets ranging from 100 kg up to 10 t load. With the inching function the EPM-B magnetic lifter can already separately lift 6 mm thick sheets from a heap. A safe transport is guaranteed.

The EPM-B from ASSFALG became an indispensable tool for lifting and clamping operations in the metal working industry.

They have become an irreplaceable helper in various industrial sectors worldwide like machinery builders, steel distribution centers, in shipyards, steel construction and fabrications and so on.

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tool manufacturing
laser-cutting operation
mechanical engineering
steel construction
transport company
plant engineering and shipbuilding
materials store

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Due to the pulse current control the energy consumption is extremely little when using EPM-B magnetic lifters. The effectivity and economy shows on the one hand in the reduction of the operating costs and on the other hand in the time savings. They are suitable for the 3-shift operation.

Their battery has to be recharged over night. They work independent from the power grid and can be taken from the crane without any problems. With the electopermanent battery lifters from ASSFALG you can lift round and flat materials.

What is the big advantage of the automode of the EPM-B magnetic lifters?

The automode is comparable with a remote control. The magnet is automatically activated as soon as the crane chain is released. There is a magnetic sensor near by the magnetic eyelet and it initiates the switching impulse (ON/OFF automode) you save working steps by this……. function and therefore costs.

Meanwhile Lithium Ions rechargeable batteries are fitted as standard. The charging time is shorter and the working time is longer. The Electropermanent Battery lifter has a very compact, handy and small size with a high carry load.

In comparison with other battery magnetic lifters concerning the carry load and the price, they are 66 % lighter and smaller than the other magnetic lifters.

The EPM-B magnetic lifters from ASSFALG are able to lift oversized work-pieces and also compact lifting operations with less locating surface without any power loss.

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EPM-B magnetic lifters from ASSFALG stand for a maximum of safety and reliability with a minimum of operation costs. ASSFALG make lifting and clamping operations much safer by new innovations. The installed safety mechanism prevents the switching under load. The electropermanent battery technology insures a safe clamping and lifting even during a power failure. The load cannot fall down.

The installed Neodym magnetic materials offer a maximum of holding force with a possible operation temperature of 80 ° and 3 times more pull off moment as normal indicated. ASSFALG offers the annually UVV service check up to 20 t pull off force.

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