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Permanent Lifting Magnet
manually switchable

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Flat material up to 5000 kg

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Lever with
safety lock

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Elift - Permanent Lifting Magnet

The Elifts are hand-operated Permanent Lifting Magnets. They are universally applicable and economically very attractive.


The Ace for Metal

Solutions and tools for stationary and
mobile metalworking.


  • Two-hand operation via hand lever and safety locking
  • Max. operation temperature 80°C
  • Use of durable and extremely strong Neodym magnet materials
  • Compact, sturdy construction, low dead weight
  • No maintenance
  • No springing back of the switch lever


The application field of the manual permanent lifting magnet of the Elift Assfalg in lifting and transporting of round and flat work pieces, prepared and raw materials with even, uneven and rough surfaces shows an enormous diversity. A wide type range is at disposal with a capacity ranging from 100 kg up to 5 t and for different performances of the load.

The permanent lifting magnet Elift has become an irreplaceable helper in various industrial sectors like in loading and unloading machine tools, machinery builders, steel distribution centres, in shipyards, steel construction and fabrications and in warehousing and transporting. The vertical transport is also done by an additional manual permanent lifting magnet Elift with ring eyelet.

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tool manufacturing
laser-cutting operation
mechanical engineering
steel construction
transport company
plant engineering and shipbuilding
materials store

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The manual operated permanent lifting magnet Elift is based on the technology of permanent magnets. That means, it retains its permanent magnetic effect. No electrical power is required for this permanent lifting magnet Elift. Hence no further running costs are created. In its application the permanent lifting magnet Elift convinces, because of its light weight and compact size.

This lifting magnet only needs a single person to operate it. Due to those facts, the operating costs are dramatically minimized. The load is magnetically lifted from above. The easy and fast activation (magnetizing) and deactivation (demagnetizing) is done by a rotation of the lever, the only movable component to the permant lifting magnet from Assfalg. By this function the loads can be lifted, transported and released without any damage and/or deformation of the load.

The installation is done by hooking the permanent lifting magnet Elift to the crane. That means saving space and more efficient use of the storage and the handling area. Only the top load`s face is required for the access of the permanent lifting magnet Elift.

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Elift SK-I
ELift SK-I


The high performance of the permanent lifting magnet Elift is granted up to 80°C on the load contact surface. This guarantees a trouble-free operation and a long life without any service by a proper application.The mechanism of the the safety device blocked the lever.

Thus a demagnetizing is impossible and prevents a dropping of the load. Powerful Neodynium magnetic materials are installed in the permanent lifting magnet Elift standing for an exceptionally high lifting force, also on uneven and rough contact surfaces. The lifting capacity of the permanent lifting magnet Elift is three times of the recommanded lifting force.

The magnetic flux concentrates in the pole region, ensuring an excellent capacity and reliability of the permanent lifting magnet of the Elift Assfalg series. Assfalg offers a UVV test for checking the pull off.

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