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What is the purpose of a permanent load lifting magnet?

With the help of a permanent load lifting magnet one can lift, move, place and transport ferromagnetic objects, as well as round or flat material. The pieces can be flat or cylindrical. The transport of round parts can also be carried out by means of a V-shaped recess on the holding surface. The lifting forces always depend on the material thickness.

The extraordinary adhesion of these devices, which are often referred to as solenoids, results from the use of NdFeB magnets (neodymium-iron-boron is an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron with the composition Nd2Fe14B from which the currently strongest permanent magnets are produced).

Advantages of a lifting magnet

The area of application of permanent load lifting magnets is very versatile. Everywhere where loads are to be held or handled without gripping, these lifting magnets are used. With these load holding devices, you can work quickly and safely. Their low external dimensions, simple construction, low weight and large performance spectrum guarantee an uncomplicated application.

It is a great help with loading/unloading operations (during all handling operations). These lift magnets are the ideal lifting devices in warehouses, workshops, tool factories, shipyards, steel construction, foundries, steel construction works, movement of injection and punching tools, etc. They offer handling solutions of all kinds, serving from small workshops to large industrial/manufacturing companies workshops. These operating magnets result in zero operating costs.

Even with a small space (integration into machine tools, material storage...) and by hoists with limited load-bearing capacity, productivity and performance are still increased. Crane capacities are optimized by simple mounting on the crane.
Only one operator is required to move the load vertically and/or horizontally. The load is always anchored and raised from above, i.e. the lifting system is always placed on the piece from above. There is no mechanical impairment of the piece. Lifting and transporting operations are ensured completely safely (with triple safety), i.e. the pull-off force is 3 times the recommended lifting force. This is particularly important in the case of rough, scaled surfaces, because a considerable air gap can occur.
The shift lever is stable, i.e. there is no rebounding of the shift lever.