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What recommends the consistent use of a magnet?

Compared to mechanical alternatives, magnets bring decisive advantages in the lifting, transport and clamping of ferromagnetic pieces.


  • They are time saving by eliminating the lengthy application and loosening of stop and load handling attachments (chains, ropes, pliers, clamps)
  • Easy one-man handling, can be used by anyone after a short period of training
  • No maintenance and almost wear-free
  • Horizontal and vertical uses are both possible
  • Standardized and calculable magnetic force

What are my advantages when clamping?

Clamping magnet
  • Set-up time minimization by quick and allows an easy clamping
  • Increased tool life thanks to vibration-free clamping
  • 5 sides machining

What are my advantages when lifting?

  • Intensive, constant power for undetermined time
  • Maximum safety thanks to its 3x safety factor
  • Ideal for use in cramped conditions