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When do I use which load lifting magnet?

Should I switch by hand or electronically? Is it always the most expensive? When and where do I use which load lifting magnet? These are the essential questions that we have had to answer about ASSFALG magnets. A selection of our articles from different product classes will help you in your choice and show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different load lifting magnet types.


Lifting magnts, Elift, Safebat, LI 120

Elift - The Universal Type

The universal permanent load lifting magnet Elift, which can be switched by a hand lever, is ideally suited for vertical and horizontal operations, for short, flat (from 15mm) and round pieces, and at an application temperature of up to 80°C. Our Elift HOT lifts up to a temperature of 500°C. read more

Safebat - simply modern

The Safebat 10 is the first electro-magnetic battery lifter to indicate to the operator, on the display, which load it can safely lift during the lifting process. The power electronics calculated this data within seconds and automatically while putting the magnet on the work piece. Sheets from 4 mm thickness can also be lifted off the stack individually. Even magnetizing and demagnetizing of the electropermanent battery magnet can take place automatically. read more

LI 120 - Compact and classic

The LI 120 has the same characteristics as the EPM-B, but it is only suitable for flat material up to 120 kg due to its flat bearing surface. Both load lifters function on electropermanent battery, charged overnight, and offer a working cycle of 300 circuits.