Why compostable and not biodegradable bags?

Compostable plastics are the true climate heroes. 

What does
Compostable plastic mean?
This designated plastic degrades 100% within one year on the garden compost.
What does
Purely biodegradable plastic mean?
There is no time specification WHEN this plastic will decompose.


Biodegradable - a substance is biodegradable if microorganisms can decompose it.
This substance does not have to be decomposed within a certain period of time. The substances belong in the plastic container and in some cases have to be sorted out additionally, as optimal conditions for decomposition cannot be created.
After decomposition, water, biomass and carbon dioxide remain.

Compostable - a substance is compostable if it is decomposed by microorganisms under certain conditions and within a fixed period of time. 
In our specific case: In compost, it can decompose within one year at 30°C and in industrial composting facilities at 60 °C in a maximum of twelve weeks.

Therefore, after thorough research, we decided to use the compostable pressure seal bags, even though you have to pay a considerably higher premium for them. Because we are always looking for an ecological option for our packaging. 

"Many small people doing many small things in many small places can change the face of the world."