Corporate Philosophy


The inspiration that has developed into a business idea takes center stage.

ASSFALG   The ace for metal

ASSFALG is the national and international solution provider in the area of metal processing as well as in the area of magnetic clamping and hoisting systems.
We draw our spirit of initiative and sense of purpose from our:

> Tradition
> Experience
> Innovation



The customer is our motor!

We offer an additional benefit for our customers and win them over as a friend.
Generating profit is not the purpose of our business activities, but rather the prerequisite for fulfill this added value for the customers. Clarity and persuasion for a mutual identity create a uniform orientation in the company.





What is our strategy?

1.    We are very close to the customer

On the one hand, high product quality is crucial and, on the other hand, our motivated team working in the office and in the field is distinguished by excellent market knowledge, proper, fast and authentic consultation and commitment. ASSFALG is a producer and merchant.

2.   We invest directly in research and development.

Innovations, patents and continual further qualification measures round off our R&D. ASSFALG is certified by the TÜV compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

3.   We examine measures and dissect them critically within our organization

We have an active communication culture and short decision paths. Experiences are integrated and, depending on the situation, internal improvements can be implemented customized to the market.
Through the synergy effects of the 3-leg product portfolio, ASSFALG is developing into a national and international system provider in the metal industry.

We lift and transport workpiece. We clamp and process them in at a high technological and efficient level.  ASSFALG - The ACE for metal.





As a family-run company, the closeness to employees and our customers is important every day. A sense of responsibility has the highest priority. We work together on demanding decision processes to develop groundbreaking solutions.
One of our continual tasks from all of us is to create a WE feeling. Only then can we be strong together. Appreciation, collegiality and respect as well as cultural acceptance must be the foundation of our work together, which is always subject to a continual improvement process.
We think in generations and not in quarters. Trust is our most valuable capital. This applies equally to employees, customers and vendors.
We integrate social commitment and sustainable environment measures in our everyday work.