FAQ to Assfalgs Machines

Our TF Surfacer deburring and edge rounding machines are characterised by a methodical, coherent concept which, on the one hand, offers optimum solutions in surface finishing for almost every customer requirement and, on the other hand, demonstrates the highest performance in the dry grinding process.
With the TF Surfacer throughfeed machines, the edge rounding and deburring machines, Assfalg is expanding its leading deburring and edge trimming programme by a further process step in edge and surface processing.

High quality requirements are to be implemented efficiently and sustainably as well as economically.
The TF Surfacer has 6 different machining process modules with 3 different passage widths. These 6 performance spectra, which can be individually adapted and configured to customer requirements according to the modular principle, offer our customers maximum flexibility in sheet metal processing.


Heavy Deburring                         Edge Rounding

Surface Deburring                       Finishing

Oxid Removal                               Polishing


Other features:
Automatic laser thickness measurement:
The modules automatically adjust to an ideal processing height by means of a workpiece thickness measurement.
Infinitely variable speed and conveyor belt regulation, suitable for all workpiece geometries and materials.
Electropneumatic oscillation control for even abrasive wear.
Pneumatic abrasive belt tensioning for simple and fast abrasive belt change.

Whether thin sheet or heavy sheet, whether small or large burrs, with the TF SURFACER machines we offer our customers an optimal machine concept for their needs.