Deburring grinding machine - M1 Surfacer

With our NEW deburring and grinding machine, the M1 Surfacer, and the deburring & edge rounding machine, the TF Surfacer, we have taken further STEPS to PERFECTION in small and large series production.

For deburring and rounding laser-cut or punched sheet metal parts, Assfalg has the TF Surfacer deburring and edge rounding machine and the new M1 Surfacer the manually operated deburring and grinding machine in its product range. It offers stationary deburring of small and/or medium-sized workpieces:

  • The grinding head with rotating disc tools can be moved effortlessly on the swivel arm
  • The workpieces are machined from all directions by pressing lightly from above 
  • Up to 5 machining processes can be carried out manually
  • Deburring and edge rounding are carried out in one operation, head rotation 180°
  • Clean machining of edges and openings from all directions and angles 360° is possible
  • Simultaneous mounting of 2 machining discs/brushes.