New deburring machine in the product range

Assfalg has decided to take a step further in surface processing.

In addition to our existing deburring and chamfering machines, we now offer a deburring machine facility that is suitable for the complete processing of sheet metal and sheet metal parts.

And here we are right to speak of a GENERALIST that gives the surface the appearance.   

These deburring throughfeed machine facilitis have different performance spectrums that are precisely tailored to the customized requirements. Both small and large sheet metal parts or workpieces can be processed regardless of the material. This means that these systems offer the best possible flexibility in sheet metal processing.

 Which processing modules do these machines offer?
1. Heavy deburring process: removal of heavy slag
2. Surface deburring process: Removal of burrs on the material surface.
3. Edge rounding process: radius up to 2 mm
4. Surface finishing process
5. Oxide removal process
6. Polishing process: for a smooth and shiny surface

In handling, these machines show all the advantages of a modern system.
1. The machine operator instinctively follows the user interface
2. Automatic laser thickness measurement of the workpiece
3. Electropneumatic vibration control
4. Pure magnetic - magnetic and vacuum - and pure vacuum fixing systems

There are words and explanations
Pictures and films say more than 1,000 words.
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