The issue of PLASTIC CONSUMPTION concerns us all!

Assfalg is committed to avoiding plastic packaging as much as possible. Since last summer 2018, we have internally initiated a process to avoid plastic packaging in particular. Unfortunately, we will not be able to do without it completely, but we have managed to reduce it by 60%. Every change has consequences internally and externally.

    We avoid plastic packaging.
    We create awareness of this issue among ourselves, our employees and our customers.
    However, changes of this kind come at a cost. Stable individual product packaging is more cost-intensive.

This means that we have to adjust our packaging costs.
We all know about the huge carpet of plastic waste floating in the world's oceans. This will only be reduced if we all change our behaviour. There is also the problem of cheap transport and its companies. We all know the consequences. Our packages are sometimes treated like projectiles on the transport routes. We have to prevent this by using sturdy packaging so that our products arrive undamaged at the customer's without any plastic ingredients. And that, too, is associated with costs.

When it comes to packaging ingredients, we rely on the cooperation with GWW Campus Mensch.
They supply us with filling pillows made from our waste paper. These are environmentally friendly packaging filling pillows made from 100% waste paper. Assfalg saves on the disposal of their waste cardboard boxes and in return receives free delivery of high-quality karopack® packaging filling pillows. The waste cardboard boxes are collected and the karopack® packaging filling pillows made from them are delivered. Assfalg will continue to work steadily on the reduction of plastic packaging. However, we will not destroy the plastic packaging or plastic ingredients of our suppliers uselessly, but will also use them.