Mass finishing spectrum!

Circular vibrators, trough vibrators and centrifugal disc finishing units.

In addition to our deburring and milling machines, ASSFALG has been active in the field of vibratory finishing for around 25 years.

With the technical challenges, a wealth of experience developed that makes the Assfalg company a vibratory finishing PROFI. Today we develop and build the trough vibratory finishing machine with a capacity of 95 l ourselves. We offer standard as well as individual solutions in our wide range of products. Our programme ranges from round trough vibrators to trough vibrators and centrifugal systems.

  • How does the vibratory finishing process work?

Barrel finishing is not only a process for the surface treatment of workpieces, but also offers a wide range of possibilities to change and refine surfaces in a targeted manner. Optimum machining results are achieved through the right combination of machine as well as chips and compounds. Whether for rough grinding or for achieving polished surfaces, Assfalg always offers the optimal processing means. Depending on the shape, quality and dimensions of the grinding chips, the deburring process and the surface treatment can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The shape of the chips must be matched to the workpiece geometry. It should be possible to reach and machine all contours and at the same time avoid jamming. The grinding behaviour is also influenced by the shape of the chips - round shapes are less aggressive than pointed shapes. The quality of the chips determines the grinding performance and the surface finish. The heavier or larger the chips, the coarser the surface structure and the more intensive the grinding performance. The main task of the compound is to keep the surface of workpieces and chips clean during the machining process. The compound is selected according to the area of application, the material to be machined, the desired machining objective and the properties of the compound.

  • What is the difference between the various machine types?

The round vibrator convinces with its integrated separation and becomes a fully automatic vibratory grinding centre when combined with other post-tracking systems, such as a dryer or centrifuge. Separation is optional for the trough vibrators. This type of vibratory finishing machine is particularly suitable for prototypes, small series and long/large workpieces. The centrifugal machine impresses with its higher machining intensity and is mainly used for small parts.

In addition to the three types of machines, we also offer various devices for water treatment and drying.