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cost-effective alternative
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with additional
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Doublemags in composite
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variable clamping elements

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Magnetic Clamping Elements

These magnetic modules are adhesive on both sides and both clamp the workpiece and themselves to the machine table. Mechanical clamping or fix clamping is not required. Several modules combined, are a cost-effective alternative to big magnetic chucks.

The both sided EPM modules from ASSFALG offer a low cost alternative to large EPM chuck systems. These magnetic clamping elements can be used in a single version or in the composite of severals. Modules can be positioned very fast and easily in any configuration and they can accommodate to different workpiece sizes.

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The Ace for Metal

Solutions and tools for stationary and
mobile metalworking.


  • Drastic reduction of set-up times
  • 5-side machining with simple and fast positioning and clamping
  • Less stress, less vibrations, less torsions for better machining
  • Flexible combination of multiple magnets to machine large or bulky workpieces
  • Better accuracy-plane-parallelism 0,01/1000mm is reachable
  • The advantage of fixed and mobile pole extensions for balancing uneven, bent, large workpieces


Whether milling (rough and fine machining), drilling, sawing, welding or assembling, the EPM modules or module systemsoffer a diversity of clamping possibilities, for example, for clamping during the edge milling or deburring (without mechanical clamping devices) or for quick and easy fixing of workpieces during assembly.

With the magnetic clamping elements Doublemag / Triplemag, workpieces can be fixed quickly and easily. The Triplemag series has additional positioning magnets, ensuring a constant position on the machine table and which are separately switched. Through the use of pole extensions unevenness of the workpiece can be balanced and deformation of the workpiece is prevented. A plane parallelism of 0.01 mm on the workpiece is possible with pole extensions.

Processing runs free of vibration and an even distribution of the adhesive force over the entire magnetic clamping surface is guaranteed. To process large parts, several Double- / Triplemag can be connected and controlled in individually or in composite via a multi-channel controller and via a distributor JB. Full clamping force will only be achieved, if the supporting table is ferromagnetic and at least 15 mm thick.

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If we compare the advantages of the both sided (= dual clamping: clamps automatically to workpiece and table) of the Electropermanent Magnetic Clamping Modules to manual clamping systems, we have a significant reduced clamping time, hence we have lower set up times and set up costs.

The EPM elements can be placed where they are needed avoiding positions where they would interfere with the machine path. Flexibility in use!

The acquisition cost can be reduced for oversize EPM magnetic chucks. Instead of clamping long workpieces completely on large magnetic clamping plates, they can be clamped in composite due to several individual EPM elements.

With the double-sided EPM elements, a 5-sided machining in one clamp with simple and fast positioning of the workpiece is possible. With the electropermanent magnet clamping elements of ASSFALG a vibration free machining is possible. There will be no distortion of the workpiece.

The adhesive force is distributed evenly over the entire magnetic clamping surface. Since there are no disturbing edges unlike with mechanical clamping, the machine can be fully utilized.

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Magnetic Clamping Elements


Electropermanent magnets combine both the electrical and the permanent magnet technology. The EPM Doublemag modules are quasi permanent magnets, which are electrically switched on and off. Electro permanent magnets are characterized by a strong adhesive force that they do not lose in the event of power failure.

Activating and deactivating of the magnetic holding force is regulated by the electronic pole reversal units. The cable is only needed during the magnetization and demagnetization and can be removed by machining.

The EPM elements have an enormous clamping force even for heavy milling work (the clamping force is app. 140N/cm², pole 50x50 mm, this corresponds to a clamping force of 350 kg). There is a constant, concentrate clamping force with a less scattering of the magnetic field. .

The complete full steel body offers an ideal protection against hot chips and coolant. Through the use of pole extensions unevenness of the workpiece can be balanced and prevents deformation of the workpiece.

A plane parallelism of 0.01 mm on the workpiece is possible with pole extensions. Full clamping force will only be achieved, if the supporting table is ferromagnetic and at least 15 mm thick.

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