ASO 300

Our smallest and lightest chamfering machine for small chamfers.

Maximum chamfer width [mm]
0 - 1
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ASO 300

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The ASO 300 is used for deburring and rounding off edges on workpieces made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. It is suitable for processing drill holes and openings starting with an internal diameter of 7.0 mm.

The compact construction and the low weight offer wonderful ergonomics. The machine is equipped with a powerful and reliable pneumatic drive. The chamfer size can be set precisely through a scale.


  •     For 45° chamfers and for rounding edges
  •     Bores starting at Ø = 7 mm can be processed
  •     Can be used for straight edged and contours
  •     Reliable compressed air motor
  •     Compact and light (500g) construction
  •     Insert milling cutter for efficient chamfering
  •     One-handed operation
  •     Safety lever valve
Technical dataASO 300
Motor0,15 m3/min | 28.000 rpm
Energy6 bar
Maximum chamfer width1 mm
Guide ball bearingmin. Ø 6 mm
Cutter head45°
Weight0,5 kg
Item No.61881