TF Surfacer

The Deburring Edge Rounding Machines with 6 different machining process modules are available with 3 different passage widths. They have 6 different modules with different performance spectrums, which can be configured according to the modular principle.

Material Thickness
0-120 mm
Max. Material Width

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TF Surfacer

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Our deburring and edge rounding machines type TF enable an optimal Surface Processing up to the perfect surface finish in the dry grinding process.

The Deburring & Edge Rounding Machines are available with 3 different passage widths. They have various performance spectrums, which are individually adapted to the modular principle customizable and configurable to customer requirements.

Both small and large-area sheet metal parts or workpieces can be processed, regardless of the material. These conveyer machines thus show the best possible flexibility in sheet metal processing.

  • Different performance spectrums due to individual adaptive modular principle
  • Removal of raised burrs and splashes
  • Automatic workpiece guidance
  • Different material thicknesses can be processed
Technical dataTF Surfacer
Energy400 V, 50/60 Hz
Material Thickness0 - 120 mm
Max. width of material650, 1000, 1300 mm
min. Dimensions of the components50 x 50
Convey Speed0,5 - 0,8 m/min
Item No.on request