RV - Circular trough vibrators

The circular trough vibrators are used for deburring, polishing and refining surfaces. A series and batch processing of different parts is easy to implement thanks to the integrated separating equipment.

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Noise protection cover
Water treatment
without, paper filter, centrifuge

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RV - Circular trough vibrators

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The round tub vibratory finishing machines are ideal for small and large series for different workpieces.

A noise protection cover reduces the noise and makes it possible to work in a workshop. The right and left-hand circulation as well as speed regulation from 1,200 to 1,500 rpm provide for various processing possibilities. The abrasive material and workpieces are rotated through the generated vibration. The desired processing process is created through the contact of grinding bodies on workpieces. The programmable timer rounds off the autonomous work process.

We recommend a paper filter or a fully-automatic water treatment plant for simple and comfortable water treatment. The process water is pumped in the tub and cleaned through a filter fleece or centrifugal force upon return.

The integrated separating equipment simplifies the separation of grinding bodies and workpieces. Sorting sieves are available in many sizes. The grinding bodies fall through the perforated screen into the tub, while the workpieces are transported out of the machine.

If your workpieces are smaller than the grinding bodies, we can offer you inverse separation via the Double Layer System. Both separating versions can be realized in a smooth vibratory finishing machine on request.

The finishing process:
Barrel finishing does not just mean a procedure for surface processing workpieces, but rather offers a wide range of possibilities for changing and refining surfaces. Optimal processing results are achieved through the right combination of machine as well as chips and compounds. Whether rough grinding or to achieve polished surfaces, Assfalg always offers the optimal process media.

The deburring process and surface treatment can be set according to the customer’s request depending on the shape, quality and dimensions of the ground bodies. The form of the chip must be coordinated to fit the workpiece geometry. All contours should be achieved and processed and deadlocks must be simultaneously avoided. The grinding behaviour is influenced by the shape of the chip as well - round shapes are less aggressive than pointy shapes.

The grinding performance and surface appearance are determined by the quality of the chip. The heavier or larger the chip, the rougher the surface structure and more intense the grinding performance.

The main task of the compound is to keep surfaces from workpieces and chips clean during the handling process. The selection of the compound is carried out depending on the place of use, the material to be processed and desired processing target and the properties of the compound.

  •     Deburring and polishing of several parts with one machine only.
  •     integrated separating equipment
  •     Perforated screen on request
  •     Vibration strength can be freely selected
  •     Easy emptying
  •     Optional noise protection cover available
  •     With timer
  •     Sturdy, long-life design with plastic-coated steel trough
  •     Can be combines with post-treatment systems
  •     Large range of chips and compounds
Technical dataRV 40-SLRV 120-SLRV 220-SLRV 420-SLRV 720-SLRV 1000-SL
Motor0,37 kW | 1.200 - 1.500 rpm1,1 kW | 1.200 - 1.500 rpm1,7 kW | 1.200 - 1.500 rpm2,2 kW | 1.200 - 1.500 rpm4 kW | 1.200 - 1.500 rpm11 kW | 1.200 - 1.500 rpm
Energy380 V, 50 Hz380 V, 50 Hz380 V, 50 Hz380 V, 50 Hz380 V, 50 Hz380 V, 50 Hz
Tub diameter (F=∅)525 mm780 mm1020 mm1235 mm1460 mm1650 mm
Tub internal dimensions (FxGxC)525 x 228 x 276 mm780 x 284 x 315 mm1020 x 300 x 430 mm1235 x 380 x 480  mm1460 x 445 x 595 mm1650 x 485 x 685 mm
Total volume43 l130 l280 l490 l830 l1200 l
Usable Filling volume25-35 l70-90 l220 l300-350 l400-550 l700-850 l Max.
Dimensions (A x B)565 x 680 mm852 x 791 mm1150 x 1000 mm1355 x 1000  mm1600 x 1200 mm1785 x 1450 mm
Weight100 kg225 kg460 kg780 kg1270 kg1770 kg
Item No.686256778267577706236755867372