Magnetic Chuck Microfine

The Microfine magnetic clamping plates are ideal for clamping small and thin workpieces during eroding and grinding work.

Field of application
Grinding, eroding
Holding force
appr. 80 N/cm²
Pole division
Parallel pole 1,5 + 0,5 mm

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Magnetic Chuck Microfine

* Mandatory fields

This highly accurate magnetic clamping plate is used for grinding work as well as for eroding. It allows for universal clamping of small, medium and large workpieces of any thickness, however, they are best suitable for thin and fine workpieces.
The permanent Microfine magnetic clamping plate is preferably used if a flat and light construction is needed during grinding, eroding or milling.
A complete, fine transverse pole distribution (steel/brass) guarantees a consistent holding force over the entire width up to the longitudinal sides. This clamping plate can be activated through a hexagonal switch lever.


  •     Low design height with high holding force
  •     Processing of adhesive surface up to max. depth of 8 mm
  •     Liquid-tight
  •     Workpieces can be clamped quickly
  •     Low penetration depth of the magnetic force because of a flat magnetic field due to fine pole pitch
  •     Smooth switching ON/OFF via switch lever
Technical dataDimensions [mm]WeightItem No.
MF 15101501004816170541731
MF 251225012548162701141732
MF 301530015048163201641733
MF 35153501504816370181969
MF 45154501505316470245093
MF 302030020053163202217007
MF 402040020053165203722221
MF 502050020053165203739408
MF 502550025053165204733730
MF 603060030058166207632502