Magnetic Chuck Neostar

The Neostar magnetic chucks are super strong clamping plates for rotating and round grinding

Field of application
Rotating, round grinding
Holding force
appr. 140 N/cm²
Pole division
Radial pole

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Magnetic Chuck Neostar

* Mandatory fields

These Neostar magnetic chucks can be used universally, in particular for internal cylindrical grinding, rotating and hard rotating.
The uniform radial pole division offers significant advantages compared to magnetic chucks with parallel pole division in particular when processing rings and discs that are difficult to hold as well as sleeves.
A higher stability and stiffness can be achieved through radial pole division in particular with larger diameters.
A centric through-hole can be incorporated.
These clamping plates can be activated through a hexagonal switch lever.


  •     Excellently suitable for clamping rings
  •     Low construction height with very high holding force
  •     Processing of adhesive surface up to max. depth of 8 mm
  •     Workpieces can be clamped quickly
  •     10mm penetration depth of magnetic force
  •     Smooth switching ON/OFF via switch lever
  •     Liquid-tight
  •     The center is not magnetic and a through-hole can be included.
Technical dataDimensions [mm]Boreholes in FPoleWeightItem No.
 ABCDEGHI[mm] [kg] 
NS 10100551850212-754 x M61032814
NS 13130572050512-1004 x M61064275
NS 16160572450512801204 x M61095007
NS 202005730605121101204 x M6121416350
NS 252507042805121402204 x M6162712056
NS 3030073421506161802604 x M8164137501
NS 3535073561706162203004 x M8205537502
NS 4040075562008162603404 x M8207537169
NS 5050081752008163004004 x M102412537494
NS 60600951002508203504504 x M123020057997