Electropermanent Magnetic Chuck Magnaslot 50

The electropermanent square pole magnetic clamping plate is the perfect solution for clamping magnetic workpieces.

Field of application
Milling, rotating, drilling
Holding force
appr. 160 N/cm² corresponds to 400 kg/Pol
Pole division
Square pole 50 x 50 mm

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Electropermanent Magnetic Chuck Magnaslot 50

* Mandatory fields

The patented EPM magnetic clamping plates *** Patent-No. EP1874504 *** have a solid steel surface and are therefore significantly more resistant than conventional plates with epoxy resin against hot chips, coolant and other processing influences.
The workpiece is clamped on the EPM magnetic clamping plate MAGNASLOT within seconds through an impulse current. This magnetic clamping plate allows for 5-side processing of your workpieces in only one clamp. This reduces equipping times to a minimum and increases productivity.
Through the use of pole extensions, which adjust to the workpiece surface, any unevenness on the workpiece can be compensated for and a deformation of the workpiece can be prevented.

We have developed our Magnaslot Flux for clamping workpieces made of tool steels and high-alloy steels:

The magnet field from the MAGNASLOT magnetic clamping plate guarantees low-vibration clamping of your workpieces. This protects the milling spindle as well as your tools, increases process safety and extends the service life.
Electropermanent magnets combine both the electrical and thePermanent Magnet technology. These are permanent magnets that can be switched on and off electrically. Electropermanent magnets excel by their holding force which they do not even lose in case of a power failure.
The electropermanent technology of the magnetic clamping plate with square poles guarantees the highest safety, because only a power impulse is needed for clamping. The workpiece is held on the magnetic clamping plate with reverse-pole permanent magnets.

In the event of a power failure or a cable break of the control line, the workpiece will remain clamped on the MAGNASLOT EPM magnetic clamping plates with complete holding force. An accidental loosening of the workpieces through malfunction is also ruled out through the two-button operation of the clamping plate both on the controller and on the cable remote control.
ASSFALG only sells magnetic clamping plates with a maximum number of poles on the solid steel surface of the magnetic clamping plate. Only this can guarantee maximum holding force.
Furthermore, high production and process precision can be guaranteed with plane-parallelism of 0.02 mm and better. With the achieved holding force of 400 kg per square pole 50x50mm, clamping forces of nearly 17 tons can be achieved on a 400x600mm clamping plate through the high pole density.


  •     Drastic reduction of set-up times
  •     A 5-sided processing at simple and fast positioning of the workpiece
  •     Low vibration while milling, and even distribution of holding force over the entire magnetic clamping surface
  •     Using pole extensions, plane-parallelism of up to 0.01 mm is possible on the workpiece
  •     Full utilization of the machine, because there are no disturbing edges unlike with mechanical clamping
  •     Distortion-free holding of raw part or uneven workpiece, because positive-locking clamping by means of fixed and mobile pole extension
  •     underlining of workpieces no longer necessary
  •     No damage to the magnetic clamping plate if there are breaks on the workpiece
  •     Slight adjustment of the magnetic holding force to thin workpieces or when aligning by means of the adhesion power regulation
Technical data

[L x B x H]

Number of polesWeightItem No.
High pole density [HD][mm] [kg] 
304 HD 50300 x 430 x 55*245038335
306 HD 50300 x 590 x 55327250613
308 HD 50300 x 750 x 55409141485
404 HD 50420 x 430 x 55367149812
406 HD 50420 x 590 x 55*4810056130
408 HD 50420 x 750 x 556012748641
410 HD 50420 x 990 x 558416849787
508 HD 50480 x 750 x 55*7014550615
510 HD 50480 x 990 x 559819250249
606 HD 50600 x 590 x 557214350541
608 HD 50600 x 750 x 559918149574
610 HD 50600 x 990 x 55*12624049319
Reduced pole density [ECO][mm] [kg] 
304 ECO 50325 x 370 x 55204263276
406 ECO 50370 x 635 x 55409063277
408 ECO 50370 x 790 x 555012064066
508 ECO 50445 x 790 x 556015064072
608 ECO 50580 x 790 x 558017063278
609 ECO 50580 x 940 x 559620063279
*stock standard