Manual Magnetic Transporter HL 60-CE | HL 60-CEL

The manual magnet transporter HL60 allows for quick handling of sharp metal parts with the push of a button.

Lifting load (kg)
Field of application
for flat and round material
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Manual Magnetic Transporter HL 60-CE | HL 60-CEL

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The manual magnet transporter magnetizes and demagnetizes with the push of a button. Nevertheless, it holds like a permanent magnet. Oily, sharp workpieces or hot burn cutting parts can be quickly moved with this.
The HL 60-CEL has an ergonomic extended handle bar to pick up components on the ground. It is switched through a remote control in the handle.

  •     Electric clamping and loosening at the push of a button  
  •     Max. operation temperature 80°C
  •     Keeps being absolutely clean after switching-off - no dirt, no particles or chips are sticking!
  •     Up to 1,000 switches are possible with only one battery charge
Technical dataHold surface
[L x B]
Lifting force SWL 3:1Drag force SWL 3:1Sheet thicknessWeightItem No.
 [mm]Fh [kg]Fv [kg][mm][kg] 
HL60-CE56 x 4227-ab 5,01,160347
HL60-CEL56 x 4227-ab 5,02,569924