Magnet Welding Angle BA

Magnetic welding angles with rotating magnetic modules that can be completely shut off.

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Magnet Welding Angle BA

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Your compact helper for welding or assembly works, for round and flat materials. The angles can be set exactly using the engraved scales. The Boomer magnetic welding angles from Assfalg are available in 3 different sizes, which are different significantly in their holding forces. They make it possible to align heavy and larger workpieces both on the inner and on the outer side and to clamp them accurately.

  •     Fast and easy angle adjustment by means of quick release
  •     Engraved scales for exact angle adjustment, 0 – 360°
  •     Magnets can be completely switched off by just turning the switch lever by 180°
  •     Sturdy steel construction of the angle
  •     Usable for round and square workpieces
  •     Holding force works on all sides
Technical dataDimensions [LxBxH]Adhesive forceWeightItem No.
BA 150196 x 196 x 80681,360344
BA 400257 x 257 x 1091813,060345
BA 600257 x 257 x 1692724,460346