Magnet Welding Angle SW

Robust and maintenance-free 90° magnetic clamping angle for flat material.

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Magnet Welding Angle SW

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The permanent magnet welding angle is a classic from Assfalg for welding and assembly work on flat material.
It is available in two sizes, with a base length of 200mm and 300mm.


  •     Sturdy and maintenance-free
  •     Max. operation temperature 80°C
  •     Easy positioning, adjusting and fixing of workpieces
  •     No disruption of the arc when welding
Technical dataDimensions [LxBxH]AngleSwitchableUse also for round materialAdhesive forceWeightItem No.
 [mm] [mm] [kg][kg] 
SW200200 x 50 x 20090°nono402,546504
SW300300 x 50 x 30090°nono604,046503