ASO 850 - K

The ASO850-K chamfering machine, whether chamfering or grinding, this machine convinces through very good chamfer quality and a very soft cut. 

Maximum chamfer width [mm]
0 - 5
Chamfer angle

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ASO 850 - K

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The sturdy and easy chamfering machine is designed for deburring and chamfering of small to large workpieces from 2 mm thickness. The sturdy cast iron casing, the hardened and sanded guide rails, the speed regulation and the integrated chip box convince in every regard.

Thanks to the optimised interplay of cutter head and cutting inserts, the machine ensures clatter-free, clean and constant chamfering. A chamfer width of up to 10 mm is possible in NE-metals and a chamfer width of up to 5 mm in steel. Hardened workpieces, HSS and hard metal materials can be processed through optional CBN and diamond grinding discs.

For longer workpieces or serial part production, we recommend optimizing the feed unit with pressing pressure, surface quality, feed speed and service life of tools. The machine can be installed on an undercarriage for flexible use in a workshop.

  •     Processing of chamfers on sheet metal starting with a material thickness of 2 mm
  •     Defined chamfer setting
  •     Very good surface quality
  •     Light workpiece guide thanks to soft-cutting cutter head
  •     Hardened and polished guide rails
  •     Cutter head or grinding disc can be used
  •     Speed regulation
  •     Sturdy and durable machine
  •     Controlled flying chips
Technical dataASO 850 - K
Motor0,75 kW | 0 - 6.000 rpm
Energy230 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum chamfer width5 mm
Angular adjustment45°
Dimensions (LxBxH)640 × 450 × 540 mm
Weight57 kg
Item no.67273