Lifting Magnet ELM 100 - 2000

The ELM is a manually activated permanent load lifting magnet. It can be used universally and is durable

Lifting load [kg]
Field of application
for flat and round material
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Lifting Magnet ELM 100 - 2000

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The distinct advantages of the ELM load lifting magnets include their efficiency and quick handling.
The hand-operated permanent load lifting magnet is the perfect and fully developed solution for moving all ferromagnetic materials in an efficient, safe and reliable way.
Usage during lifting and transportation includes a variety of flat and round workpieces, from pre-processed materials to raw material.
A wide range of models of the ELM lifting magnets are available with bearing loads between 100 kg and 2000 kg for different material thicknesses.
The ELM has become an irreplaceable helper in many areas of application.

We would be happy to perform an annual safety inspection of your magnets.


  •       Absolutely safe lifting - the pull-off strength is 3.5 times the recommended lifting force
  •     No restrictions for scaled, rough or oily surfaces
  •     No damaging of the work piece surface
  •     Smooth switching ON/OFF via switch lever
  •     No springing back of the switch lever
  •     Simple suspension on a crane



Technical dataDimensions[mm]Flatload SWL 3:1min. thicknessRoundload SWL 3:1max. Ømax. lengthWeightItem No.
 ABCDEFGFh [kg][mm]Fh [kg][mm][mm][kg] 
ELM 1001078412012560714110015451501.0002,541616
ELM 300180155156185909351300251352501.5008,641617
ELM 60025522421226011512077600302703502.00021,041618
ELM 1000280245286371165169971.000404504502.50046,041619
ELM 20004223803485122162151052.000559005503.000118,027979