Manually operated

The transported goods are held exclusively by the force of the permanent magnets, without an electrical supply. Magnetization and demagnetization take place via lever switching with built-in secuity. They can be used at changing workplaces.

Lifting magnets for max. 100 - 5,000 kg.

Lifting magnets for max. 200 - 400 kg, especially developed for thinner flat steels from 5mm.

Lifting magnets for max. 100 - 2,000 kg with increased safety factor.

Lifting magnets for max. 90 - 1825 kg with swivelling single or double hook.

90° swivelling magnetic transporters for max. 250 - 500 kg and for sheets from 3 mm.

90° swivelling magnetic handlifters for max. 120 kg.

90° swivelling magnetic handlifters for max. 60 kg.

Magnetic handlifters for max 30 kg, with battery, switchable by push buttons.

Switchable Magnetic handlifters for max 100kg.

Magnetic handlifters for max. 20kg and for sheets from 0.5 mm.

Magnetic handlifters for max. 5kg and for sheets from 0.3 mm.

Pick-and-place grippers for loading and unloading pressing and punching tools.

Manual sorting magnets for separating bulk material and lifting small parts.