Crane Magnetic Transporter SH 35-K |SH 60-K

The SH is a crane magnetic transporter for horizontal or vertical transportation

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Crane Magnetic Transporter SH 35-K |SH 60-K

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For decades, the crane magnetic transporters from the SH series have been used throughout Europe as the optimal solution for the crane transportation of sheets, even with larger sizes.
Contrary to normal load lifting magnets, crane magnet transporters have a flatter magnetic field allowing them to take up thinner workpieces such as sheets already from 3 mm thickness.
They are ideal for horizontal and vertical transport and extremely efficient, but they must be separated from the workpiece using a jacking fixture.
With bend presses, they are an interesting alternative to mechanical carrying clamps for metal sheet guiding.
The mobile crane suspension makes it possible to lift and move heavy metal sheets. The SH series is used where sheets have to be lifted, transported and moved with a crane, for example, in a material warehouse.


  •      Ideal for workpieces starting with a thickness of 3mm
  •     Workpieces can be swivelled by 90° (horizontally-vertically)
  •     Simple suspension on a crane



Technical dataHold surface [L x B]Lifting force SWL 3:1Drag force SWL 3:1Sheet thicknessWeightItem No.
 [mm]Fh [kg]Fv [mm][mm][kg] 
SH 35-K190 x 11025084ab 3,04105
SH 60-K310 x 190500167ab 6,012106