With battery power

They combine the advantages of permanent load lifting magnets with those from electro load lifting magnets. Through electrical impulses within seconds, the electropermanent battery lifting magnets from ASSFALG can be automatically or manually switched with the push of a button. Even though no electricity is present during the load transportation, the workpiece is clamped as securely as it would be with permanent load lifting magnets.

Lifting magnets for max. 950 kg (world debut) with integrated crane scale, display and load compensation.

Lifting magnets for max. 3,000 – 10,000 kg, for round and flat material.

Lifting magnets for max. 1,500 kg flat material.

For guiding and positioning the SB, EPMB and EPMM lifting magnets.

Magnetic handlifters for max 30 kg, with battery, switchable by push buttons.