Battery Lifting Magnet SB200 | SB500 | SB950

The SB magnets with EPM technology allow for up to 1000 switch cycles with one battery charge.

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Battery Lifting Magnet SB200 | SB500 | SB950

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The electropermanent battery lifting magnet SBs are top products from ASSFALG in the 200kg | 500kg | 950kg load range for flat material. Round material can be lifted with up to 50kg | 200kg | 400kg.

They combine the advantages of permanent load lifting magnets with those from electro load lifting magnets. Through electrical impulses within seconds, the electropermanent battery lifting magnets SB200 | SB500 | SB950 from ASSFALG can be automatically or manually switched with the push of a button. Even though no electricity is present during the load transportation, the workpiece is clamped as securely as it would be with permanent load lifting magnets.

Approximately 1,000 ON/OFF switch cycles are possible until the integrated batteries must be recharged through a simple power connection. The electropermanent battery lifting magnets SB200 | SB500 | SB950 can be used in single mode as well as on magnet traverses and is an interesting alternative for 3-shift operation.

The automatic mode allows for contactless switching. A switch process is generated each time the magnets are added and the crane eyelet relieved and the magnet switches on or off. It is no longer necessary to bend or climb machine tables. Together with the optionally available positioning drawbar, workpieces can be picked up, guided and placed down accurately.


  •     No current flows during lifting (only an electrical impulse for a few seconds is required for magnetizing or demagnetizing) 
  •     The magnets can be switched manually through a push button or automatically through a pick-up mechanism.
  •     3 power levels to lift materials with a thickness starting at 4 mm
  •     Optical and acoustic warnings for battery charge state
  •     Optional: Positioning drawbar SB950, flexible in Z-axis +/- 60°



Technical dataDimensions [L x B x H]Flatload - SWL 3:1min. thicknessRoundload - SWL 3:1Ø from - toHold surface [L x B]WeightItem No..
 [mm]Fh [kg][mm]Fh [kg][mm][mm][kg] 
SB200150 x 85 x 1502004 - 205075 - 150115 x 501065697
SB500200 x 160 x 1705004 - 2020075 - 200145 x 1252662666
SB950355 x 165 x 1709504 - 2040075 - 200320 x 1304160643