With mains power

To use these devices, they only need to be supplied with mains power, depending on the magnet with 230V or 400V, and are then immediately ready for use. Due to the very short switching time, the electropermanent lifting magnets are used where workpieces are frequently handled.

The electropermanent lifting magnet traverses, also available with an automatic telescopic arm, enable the lifting and transporting of sheets of different sizes from 3m to 16m. The patented all-steel modules are more heat-resistant than comparable modules that are cast with a plastic casting compound.

Only a simple power connection to the power grid is required. Electrical operation increases work efficiency.

Lifting Magnets for max. 500 – 5,000 kg with short switching times for continuous use.

Lifting magnets for max. 10,000 - 30,000 kg with unmachined surfaces with air gap.

Magnetic cross beam for max. 7,500 - 24,000 kg up to 16,000 mm workpiece length.

For guiding and positioning the SB, EPMB and EPMM lifting magnets.