Magnetic Load Lifting Beams TBK

The electropermanent load lifting magnet traverses allow the lifting and transportation of sheets in different sizes from 3m to 16m.

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Magnetic Load Lifting Beams TBK

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The electropermanent load lifting magnet traverses TBK4 and TBK6 with automatic telescopic arm allow the lifting and transportation of sheets in different sizes from 3m to 16m.
The patented solid steel modules are more heat-resistant than comparable modules made with a plastic casting mass.

Only a 400V rated current must be provided to use these devices and they are then immediately ready for use.

Through short electrical impulses within seconds, the magnet traverses from ASSFALG are automatically switched on or manually with the push of a button. No electricity flows during load transport and nevertheless, the workpiece is as securely clamped as with a permanent load lifting magnet.
With the tip function (inching), even stacked sheets can be separated starting with a thickness of 5 mm.

Magnet modules that are not needed can be switched off with the multi-channel control. This means a large magnet traverse system can be securely used for the transportation of smaller sheets.

A backup battery is not needed for these magnet modules thanks to the EPM technology. Furthermore, the EPMagnet Module does not require any maintenance at all. Low-energy magnet control is possible through an impulse current switch and pre-selectable power levels. The effectiveness and efficiency can be seen on the one hand in the reduction of operating costs and on the other hand in a saving of time.

The ASSFALG magnet traverses are particularly user-friendly through the pick-up mechanism, which works almost like a remote control. The magnet traverse is automatically switched on with the complete relief of the crane chain, while a magnet sensor near the magnet eyelet acts as a proximity switch and triggers the switch impulse (ON/OFF pick-up mechanism). This also reduces work steps and therefore costs as well.
If you would not like the automatic mechanism, you still have the possibility to switch the magnet traverses either directly on the device or with an optionally available remote control.


  •     Optimal holding force for different sheet thicknesses, can be pre-selected through the power level regulation.
  •     INCHING separation of stacked thin sheets
  •     Magnet zone selection for different sheet sizes
  •     Spring package from magnet modules to compensate for unevenness in sheets and even lifting
  •     ADPREM function prevents random switching in the air
  •     No electricity flows during lifting (only a electrical impulse for a few seconds is required for magnetizing or demagnetizing)
  •     The magnets can be switched manually through a push button or automatically through a pick-up mechanism.
  •     Optional: Magnet modules horizontally rotatable by 90° for skinny sheet strips
Technical dataFlatload - SWL 3:1min. thicknesLenght min. - max.Width min. - max.WeightItem No.
 Fh [kg][mm][mm][mm][kg] 
TBK4 | 757.50053.000 - 12.000500 - 2.5003.000on request
TBK4 | 10010.00053.000 - 12.000500 - 3.0003.000on request
TBK4 | 12012.00053.000 - 12.000500 - 3.0003.000on request
TBK4 | 14014.00053.000 - 12.000500 - 3.0003.000on request
TBK4 | 18018.00053.000 - 12.000500 - 3.0003.000on request
TBK6 | 10010.00052.800 - 16.000500 - 3.5004.500on request
TBK6 | 14014.00052.800 - 16.000500 - 3.5004.500on request
TBK6 | 18018.00052.800 - 16.000500 - 3.5004.500on request
TBK6 | 20020.00052.800 - 16.000500 - 3.5004.500on request
TBK6 | 24024.00052.800 - 16.000500 - 3.5004.500on request
TB5 | 25025.00085.000 - 25.0001.000 - 3.00010.500on request
TB5R | 808.00042.800 - 12.500750 - 2.5003.500on request